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Traffolyte Labels

Pipe Valve tags, Valve markers, Laser Engraved Valve tags, Valve Labels, Pipe Labels and Pipe Marking.

Individual Serial Number’s and Assigned Parts on a large scale

TC Darby can offer a quick turnaround on some stock items such as engraved traffolyte valve labels. Typical manufacturing materials include: brass discs or tags, engraved plastic labels, traffolyte valve tags, anodised aluminium or steel labels/tags and markers.

We also offer sequential numbered labels, custom numbering or marking, and combinations of abbreviations and numbering or lettering. For large quantities, we can adapt an Excel Spreadsheet of your data and translate it into the tags you need for however many custom options as required.

If you have multiple rows of information, we can adapt these onto individual tags or for sequential serial numbers for example.

These type of labels are often found in the petrochemical industry or Oil/Gas industry, and used in Plant machinery, mechanical applications and regulation safety labelling. Traffolyte is a versatile material that can be used in:

  • Oil, Gas & Electricity Labelling
  • Control panels
  • Valve Labels and Tags
  • Signage
  • Engraved Labels
  • Building Access Labels
  • Military Equipment Labels
  • Mimcs
  • Plant Machinery Labels
  • CNC Engaved Labels
  • Serial Numbered Labels

In fire risk circumstances where labels may need to be read after fire or chemical damage, TC Darby can manufacture engraved custom valve markers or valve tags with deep engraved and filled stainless steel.

Valves and pipes rarely have a flat surface that a label or valve tag can be easily engraved onto, so thats where Valve labels and tags come into thier own. They can be fixed by beaded chain, plastic tie or stuck with a self ahesive backing. Actuator labels and transmitter tags also fall into this category.

A wide range of colours and styles available for your labels to stand out

With the option of a wide choice of fonts, various coloured engraveable plastic tags, different colours and thicknesses of engraved traffolyte labels or laser etched metal labels, the combinations are endless.

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